CORBEAU was founded originally in late 90’ties, but got it form in 2008. The company has its name from french > corbeau <, which is the same word as > Ravn < in the danish language, and a part of the founders name Leif Ravn Hansen. In english the words is identical with the word > raven < It refers to the french connection, where Leif Ravn Hansen took the main part of his eduction into design. Still there is a reflexion originated from the old nordic mythology, where the god Odin has two raven to observe what happen in the human world. The company is placed in the suburb of Copenhagen. It offers it assistance with stat of the art technology, including 3D printer, CAM, and CAD, along with photo realistic visualization.

We live by following life sentence
1> design must have breathtaking shapes (wow-power)
2> good design is inventive
3> any new design must challenge its history
4> design should challenge its user
5> design must have its own story to tell
6> colors and materials that emphasize the design