Portrait Leif Ravn Hansen

Over the last 15 years, Leif Ravn Hansen (LRH) has made himself known by his refined, innovative work. Through good use of material and vision, founding his design on local cultures and traditions, choice of form and a special care for function, LRH has successfully combined modest produce with great intensity. Whether it is interior architecture or design, according to LRH, fashion and trends combined with timelessness, are necessities you need to incorporate to create subtle existing design. LRH sees that function does not lie in trivial testing but in delicate understanding and encompasses all aspects of design and aesthetics.

This unique approach became more and more visual, starting his identity from the time he opened his first design studio in 1995, to his first major retail jobs in the 90 ’s, right up to the present day with product design for international brand names in London, Paris, New York and Copenhagen.

New partnership ’s is striving to develop LRH “the brand” internationally and strengthen the LRH design reputation, whilst remaining faithful to the essence of the identity and concept. Reinforced by this union, LRH will continue to develop an exciting products and interiors in which vision and beauty are intensified.