Over the last 15 years, Leif Ravn Hansen has made himself known by his refined innovative work.Through good use of material and vision, formed by endless traveling is the founding in his work. It brings both local and global cultures into the design. His works have a special care for function. Leif Ravn Hansen has successfully combined modest produce with great intensity, whether it is interior architecture or design. “I see that function does not lie in trivial testing but in delicate understanding and encompasses of all aspects in function andaesthetics”. With our own 3D printer, and advanced CAD programs CORBEAU design is a strong partner for develop product design, testing, and make to life visions that others only dream of.

We are able to create more ideas than others, and therefore we can be more critical of what we put on the market. We do find our self really stretching our self to make reality ideal ideas, we does it, not because it is easy, but because our client deserve the best.